How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time with God

So you've heard that having a quiet time with God is important. But here's the million dollar question (and the big thing you struggle with): How can we build a consistent quiet time habit? 

I get it! Although you want to grow closer to God, life is incredibly busy and it feels like there's tons of spiritual growth obstacles (time being the biggest obstacle of all)? 

Or maybe you were pretty good for a while with a consistent Bible time each day, but then suddenly you fell off track. 

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Trust me, we've all been there. But I can honestly say that God has shown me some valuable insights into how to create a consistent Bible time habit in my life (despite my often-crazy life with four kids, a husband, ministry responsibilities, etc, etc). 

And can also share that this single habit has transformed not only my spiritual life but my emotional health and overall well-being. 

I want to help you create this extremely important spiritual habit in your life as well!

Here are the three secrets I've learned to make spending time with God an integral part of my busy life as a wife and working mom.

3 Secrets to Make Quiet Time with God a Habit

Tip #1: Do your quiet time first thing in the morning.

I've found that the best thing for my mental state (not to mention my spiritual growth with God) is to take the time every morning to read the Bible and pray.

I have my quiet time with God first thing in the morning when the house is quiet (and before I get distracted away to other things).

Even if you're not a "morning person," I still highly recommend that you have your quiet time in the morning because, first, it is more likely to get done, and second, morning quiet time with God sets the tone for a more peaceful, tranquil day.

Tip #2: Start small and let your quiet times with God grow.

Are you intimidated by the idea of spending quiet time with God every day? I can understand how have a daily quiet time can feel overwhelming, especially if it's not something that you've ever done before.

A quiet time with God is a spiritual discipline, and like all spiritual disciplines, our quiet times will grow in depth as we spiritually mature in Christ.

If you have no idea where to start, find one word like "joy" and look up Bible verses on that topic to read and study.

Read one verse a day and analyze and apply it using the 5Rs Bible Study Method™ (learn this easy Bible study method here).

Or better yet, get the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Journal or the Be Loved 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal (which use the 5Rs Bible Study Method) and you'll have your daily spiritual lessons all planned out!

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These awesome Bible study journals use the 5Rs Bible Study Method--Read, Rewrite, Restate, Relate, Respond--to analyze 30 Bible verses about a specific topic (love or joy). 

Plus each week's lessons include additional discussion questions and more opportunities to learn about the topic with Bible stories and more verses.

Once you have a simple plan to study the Bible in only a few minutes a day you'll find that it's much easier to make time for a quiet time!

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Tip #3: Make your quiet time with God about a life rhythm, not a religious schedule.

In order to develop a long term quiet time with God, focus on how to welcome a quiet time habit into the ever-changing rhythm of your life.

Some days you may not get to your quiet time first thing in the morning because you're sick or a child needs extra help or you have an early appointment or... (you enter the reason).

If you get off track with your quiet time habit, don't panic and don't load yourself down with guilt. God loves you and wants to be with you!

He forgives you and understands that life gets busy. Just jump back into the quiet time rhythm as soon as you can. He will be there waiting to spend time with you!

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And don't forget to check out the 5Rs Bible Study Journals!

These one-of-a-kind studies really are a great way to create a consistent quiet time with God!

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