Not Growing Spiritually? How to Handle the 3 Biggest Spiritual Growth Obstacles

Want to learn how to get closer to God (but you're not sure how)?

Or maybe you've tried to read your Bible and to pray (what many call a "quiet time with God") but didn't feel like you had any spiritual growth.

If that's you, you're in the right place!

Let's learn about how to become closer to God, including the #1 spiritual growth skill that will help you better understand the Bible and apply God's truth to your life.

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If You Want to Grow Closer to God, You Must Do This...

I know we all want a quick and easy way to grow closer to God, but I've seen time and time again that those people who have the strongest Christian faith are the ones who spend time with God daily.

It makes sense, right? If we want to have a close relationship with someone we spend time with them. Regularly.

Growing closer to God happens bit-by-bit, a little at a time each day.

So what keeps us from growing closer to God?

3 Big Obstacles to Growing Closer to God

When it comes to spiritual growth, most of us deal with three major obstacles:

1. We don't have enough time.

Is your life really busy too (mine always seems full of never-ending activities)? There always seems to be more things to do then I have time for.

2.  We don't know how to spend time with God or what that means.

When you read the Bible, do you feel like you get anything out of it? When you pray or have a "quiet time with God" do you just sit there in the silence, not knowing what to say or how to make a connection with God? 

3. We don't know how to make spending time with God a regular habit.

Maybe reading the Bible and praying does bring blessing, but you have no idea how to do it on a regular basis. What are we supposed to read? How do we stay committed and consistent? We start out strong, but then... life sets in and we lose our momentum.

Can you relate? I totally can. 

But take heart--let's talk about practical ways to overcome these spiritual obstacles and create a spiritual growth plan that works!

A Simple Spiritual Growth Plan for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Closer to God

After working with hundreds of women (and experiencing these obstacles myself!), I've found that the easiest way to grow closer to God each day is this:

Have a spiritual growth plan that starts with a simple, easy Bible study method.

A good Bible study method:

  1. Makes Bible time more concentrated and focused;
  2. Gives you a plan on how to study the Bible and grow closer to God; and
  3. Makes it easier to establish a habit because it provides clear direction on what to study.

Do you see how a simple Bible study method really can solve the 3 big obstacles to spiritual growth that we just talked about?

You need a plan to know how to grow closer to God everyday--a simple way to relate to apply biblical truth to your life.

Use The 5Rs Bible Study Method to Grow Closer to God

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method makes understanding the Bible and growing close to God incredibly simple, and is perfect for busy women like you and me (or even as a Bible study method for older kids too).

It consists of 5 steps:

  • Read
  • Rewrite
  • Restate
  • Relate
  • Respond

Pick any Bible verse and use the 5Rs to analyze and understand the verse, and then to apply that truth to action in your life today.

This 5-step process makes it easy and simple to understand the Bible and grow spiritually like never before!

It's perfect for anyone who want to grow closer to God through a daily quiet time. 

See a step-by-step explanation of the 5Rs here.

Why the 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals Are the Perfect Part of Your Spiritual Growth Plan

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals make it incredibly easy to study scripture using the easy 5Rs Bible Study™ Method. Why?

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1. Daily plan with pre-selected Bible verses.

No more wondering what verses to read or study! Know what to read each day.

2. Bible verses focused around a specific topic.

Grow closest to God when you learn about a specific topic.

3. Bible studies designed to answer your biggest obstacles.

Get your questions about God's love and joy answered so you can discover that full, vibrant life God has for you.

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4. Additional study questions and journaling prompts.

Read a devotional and get additional insight from related Bible stories. Perfect for individual or group study!

5. Beautiful, four-color designs.

Make Bible study a special time with God as you write in these sophisticated, visually-appealing journals with lovely designs and colors on every page.  
 bible study journal | how to study the bible | how to get closer to god | spiritual growth plan | bible study method

bible study journal | how to study the bible | how to get closer to god | spiritual growth plan | bible study method

Try the 5Rs Bible Study Journals for Yourself

If you're serious about spiritual growth, I highly encourage you to pick up one of the 5Rs Bible Study Journals!

Or if you're still not sure the 5Rs will be a good fit for your spiritual growth plan, why not give 5Rs Journals a try with this FREE SAMPLE?


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Make Spiritual Growth Simple and Easy. Get Started Today!

God wants to show you how to live a happier life full of meaning and significance. And that's only found in a growing relationship with Christ!

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals give you a step-by-step spiritual growth plan so that you can finally discover that better life you're longing for!

Why put it off any longer? Take that step today! 

Why not pick up one or both of these journals right now and get started on a better spiritual life?

You've got nothing to lose! These journals give you everything you need to create an amazing spiritual growth plan!

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bible study journal | how to study the bible | how to get closer to god | spiritual growth plan | bible study method