Are the 5Rs Bible Study™ Resources for Kids or Adults?

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We’ve created the 5Rs Bible Study™ resources to be flexible enough to work for anyone who would like to grow closer to God in a few minutes a day, whether they are a child or an adult.

Of course it depends on each child’s maturity and reading/comprehension abilities, but the 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals are a great Bible time tool for kids ages 8 and up.

Many parents have their kids complete their 5Rs Bible Study™Journal as part of a daily Bible time, and then meet as a family once a week and review that week’s concepts using the discussion questions at the end of each week's lesson. 

We have many school teachers (both traditional and homeschool teachers) and children's ministry leaders who use the 5Rs Bible Study™ resources to help their students learn how to read and study the Bible.

In addition, adults can use these resources for individual Bible time or as part of a group or family study. 

Many use the 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals as part of a women's Bible study or for a small group study. The possibilities are endless!

See the 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals here so that you can check them out for yourself! 

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