Can I Use the 5Rs Bible Study™ In My Church, Children’s Ministry, Christian School or Small Group?

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The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method itself is a trademarked and protected Bible study method that cannot be used in any other Bible study, teaching, online publication, video, social media platform without permission. 

However, we’ve created the 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals so that churches, schools and other ministries have practical tools for sharing the power of the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method with others!

If you’d like to use the 5Rs resources in a ministry setting, there is a special church/ministry license for all 5Rs resources which allows you to print as many copies as you need for your ministry use.  

Go here to learn more about the difference between the physical and digital resources. 

Or, if you're in the US and you'd prefer pre-printed journals, order as many as you need!

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Discounts are available for orders of 10 journals or more. Email us at for details. 

Go here to see the 5Rs Journals and to view both the printed and digital licenses for each resource. 

Got More Questions? 

Go here to read other FAQs about the 5Rs. 

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Alicia Michelle, creator of the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method

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