What Is the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method?

What is the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method?

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method is one of the best ways to study the Bible effectively because it gives a simple, step-by-step way for anyone to understand and apply any scripture. 

We call this easy Bible study method the “5 Rs” because it consists of five steps that all start with the letter R: 

  • Read
  • Rewrite
  • Restate
  • Relate
  • Respond

Let's take a look at this simple Bible study method in action using Psalm 34:4-5.

Step 1: READ the verse(s).

Read Psalm 34:4-5.

Step 2: REWRITE the verse(s).

Copy the entire verse (as its written in that translation). Here's Psalm 34:4-5 as written in the New Living Translation:

"I prayed to the Lord and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces."

Step 3: RESTATE the Bible verse.

Write down the verse again, but this time, write it in your own words. 

Here's an example:

"I cried out to God and He heard my cry and responded. He took all my fears away. Everyone who calls to Him for help with their troubles will have spirits that are full of joy; they will not be weighed down by shame or guilt."

Step 4: RELATE the verse(s) to your life.

Ask yourself questions like: "What does this truth remind me of in my own life? How have I seen it to be true of myself, people I know, or of a Bible character?"

Here's an example of what could be written for these verses:

"There have been so many times that I've cried out to God and He's rescued me! I love that when He rescues us it's always done in a way that's best for us and may not necessarily be comfortable for us. He loves us so much that He's willing to walk us through any hard situation, and He gives us the strength to endure it."

Step 5: RESPOND to the verse(s).

Lastly, ask yourself: "Now that I know this truth, how will I live differently today?"

Here's a sample response:

"Knowing that God is with me brings great clarity and comfort. Sometimes in the midst of a trial it's easy to think that God hasn't heard my cries or that He doesn't care. And yet, today, as I think about those things that are challenging me, I feel peace because I can confidently know that He has heard my cry and that He is "working all things out for my good" (Romans 8:28). I can continue to persevere and to be strong!

Get Started with the 5Rs

Easy peasy, right? The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method makes it simple to understand and apply Bible verses to your life so that you can grow closer to God in only a few minutes a day.

Now it's your turn to give the 5Rs a try!

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Got More Questions? 

Go here to read other FAQs about the 5Rs. 

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Alicia Michelle, creator of the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method

and the 5Rs Bible Study team