Where Did the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method Come From & Who Wrote The 5Rs?

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method and Resources are not affiliated with or sponsored by any ministry or church denomination. 

Christian author and speaker Alicia Michelle wrote the 5Rs over 10 years ago in order to help her own kids learn how to easily and effectively study the Bible.

Alicia created the simple “Read, Rewrite, Restate, Relate, Respond” method as a simple way for her kids to remember how to analyze and apply Bible verses.

Alicia began sharing about the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method on her website YourVibrantFamily.com and got a tremendous response from readers. 

People all over the world wanted to learn more about the 5Rs, and began asking for resources that would make it easy to use this Bible study method.

However, it seemed that readers wanted to use the 5Rs in different ways: Some wanted to teach this method to their kids; others wanted to use the 5Rs as part of a Bible study with their church or small group; teachers wanted to teach the 5Rs to their students; and of course, many wanted to use the 5Rs in their own personal Bible times. She knew that the 5Rs resources needed to be versatile for lots of different uses. 

Therefore in 2018 she proudly released the first 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals (Be Loved and Joy Full).

These 5Rs resources offer flexibility for many types of Bible study options, including both individual or group study, and have helped thousands utilize the power of the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method in order to grow closer to God like never before!

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